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Toddler Barrier Safety Pool Fence and Installation

Toddler Barrier Removable Pool Fencing and Enclosures are the best solution to safeguarding your child. Strong, weather proof fencing is transparent and climb resistant. It keeps your child safe and even keeps your pool cleaner. Toys can’t pass through or under the tight mesh and you can begin to enjoy your patio again as an outdoor play area for the whole family. It is lightweight and removable in minutes to quickly transform your backyard into an open space for pool parties and entertaining.

All Toddler Barrier products will be installed by trained and certified professional. This allows the company to firmly stand behind their products because they know each high quality fencing system will be correctly and carefully installed. For all of these reasons, Toddler Barrier has acquired an incredible reputation for quality.

Toddler Barrier Pool Fencing is owned by Rick Dennis, a native of Jacksonville, FL. He has been a businessman for 18 years, with 8 of those years being in pool safety. Rick is an active member in his community and in his church. Previously, he was a scuba instructor for children, but is currently a leader for the Scouts which he has been a part of for over 14 years.